Turning Curse To Blessing

READ: Galatians 3:13, 14

THE POWER OF REDEMPTION: Paul begins these verses with the dramatic statement "Christ has redeemed us" (v13). Let's begin by rejoicing in this amazing fact.

FREE FROM THE LAW'S CURSE: Some commentators would have us note that Paul speaks of "the curse of the law" (v13) rather than "the curses of the law". Both are good news but the curse of the law probably indicates the problem of living under a set of rules that are beyond our power to keep and therefore confirm our condemnation. Let's praise God for the release He has brought us from such a blight.

THE WORK OF THE CROSS: It is hard for us to even begin to understand what Jesus went through for us on the cross. Let's take a moment to reflect quietly on the whole of v13 and then express our own love and gratitude to the Lord.

THE BLESSING OF ABRAHAM: Again we can note that Paul writes of "the blessing of Abraham" (v14) rather than "the blessings of Abraham". Once more, both are good but as far as Abraham was concerned "the blessing" was almost certainly that God counted him righteous on the basis of his faith. Let's take a moment to name some of those we are praying for - people we are currently seeking to help through to such a faith.

UPON THE GENTILES: Of course the Jewish nation expected the blessing of Abraham. The miracle of the new covenant is that it is now available to the Gentile nations as well (v14). Let's share our concerns for some of the nations we each pray for personally - especially those where there are few living in the fullness of God's blessing - and seek God together for a breakthrough.

RECEIVING THE PROMISE: Although it is not Paul's intention here to emphasise our role in receiving God's promise (v14), it is important nonetheless to have open hearts to the Lord. Let's take this opportunity to pray for ourselves along these lines.

THE PRESENCE OF THE SPIRIT: It is the promise of the Spirit (v14) that leads to the presence of the Holy Spirit. Let's praise God for His indwelling presence in our lives as well as for the outpouring of His enabling upon our lives.

THE GIFT OF FAITH: We receive the promised Holy Spirit by faith (v14). In Ephesians 2:8 faith is set in the context of God's grace and gift. Let's pray for a greater understanding of faith as a gift. Faith comes from hearing the Word of God (Romans 10:17). It is not something we can "work up".