Ministering Healing


READ: Luke 13:10-17

A HEART OF COMPASSION: Jesus took notice of all around Him. Even when He was teaching the Word He saw the woman who was not able to help herself His heart went out to her (vs 10-12). Let's begin by praying that we will be able to see situations compassionately.

A WILLINGNESS TO PRIORITISE: When Jesus called the woman to Himself He demonstrated just how much He valued her (v12). Let's check ourselves out on this and pray that we will always know how to prioritise others.

A POINT OF CONTACT: It is hard to estimate the level of rejection this woman must have experienced in her past Jesus broke through all of this when He laid His hands on her (v13). If there are people known to us who we sense have been rejected (we may prefer to think of groups of people rather than individuals, e.g. refugees, offenders, etc.), let's mention them to each other and pray for them together.

GLORIFYING GOD: Jesus always ensured that His Father received the glory and credit (v13). Let's pray that those whom God uses to minister healing to others will be equally careful in ensuring the glory all goes to God.

STAYING FOCUSED: Jesus attracted a lot of criticism in His ministry (v14). When this happens it is very easy to lose focus. Let's pray for ourselves that we learn how to handle criticism without taking offence.

BEING CONSISTENT: It was not difficult for Jesus to point out the inconsistencies in His critics complaints (v15). They obviously thought more of their beasts than they did of their neighbours. We need to constantly remind ourselves that people matter more than things. Let's pray for a re-prioritising in our own lives where necessary.