Speaking Out

READ: Psalm 39:1-13

LEARNING SELF CONTROL: If we are going to speak out effectively, we also need to know when to be silent (vs 1,2). Let's pray for a greater demonstration of the spirit of self control in our lives.

SPEAKING WITH PASSION: We need to know the Word of God in our hearts as well as in our mouths if we are going to speak out with passion (v3). Let's pray for fresh stirrings in our hearts.

STANDING CLEAR OF ARROGANCE: David prays that he might have his life in perspective (vs 4-6) so that he does not communicate arrogantly. Let's pray for genuine humility in our lives.

ACCEPTING THE LORD'S CORRECTION: James speaks of teacher's facing harsher judgement (James 3:1). The Lord is concerned that we walk in uprightness (vs 7-11). Let's pray for a close walk with the Lord.

LIVING IN THE LORD'S LOVE: David speaks of the Lord's gaze in terms of His displeasure (vs 12,13) but we can live under the constant smile of the Lord's love - not because of ourselves but because of the Lord Jesus and the gift of the Holy Spirit. Let's praise God for His work in our lives.