Resisting the Devil


READ:  Isaiah 37:21,33-35

Many have seen the word of the Lord concerning Sennacherib as a good strategy for resisting the claims the devil might make over a territory. We will use this as a basis for our praying.

HE SHALL NOT COME INTO THIS CITY: We are aware that the enemy is at work in all the earth but he undoubtedly has a strategy to step up his attack. Let's be bold as believers and declare that the devil's strategies to intensify his work in our area will not succeed. We address these things to the Lord and not to the devil (see v21), seeking God for increased effectiveness in doing His work.

NOR SHOOT AN ARROW THERE: Obviously we have the shield of faith "to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked one" (Ephesians 6:16) but that should not stop us seeking to put a stop to the enemy's attacks. After all some of those who may get hit could have their shield down and not be wearing their breastplate of righteousness. As we resist the devil in this, let's pray specifically for those we are aware of who need to be healed from enemy inflicted wounds.

NOR COME BEFORE IT WITH  SHIELD: Luke 11:22 talks about a strong man losing his armour when a stronger one comes. Jesus defeating the devil at the cross left the devil stripped of his power. Let's praise the Lord for the victory He has won on our behalf.

NO SIEGE: One of the worst things that the enemy could do to a city is to put it under siege. A city under siege is paralysed. Let's pray that there will always be free movement in our cities so that people can come in and be blessed and take the blessing of God away with them.

GOING BACK THE WAY HE CAME: Sometimes our attitude can be rather selfish, thinking "as long as the devil doesn't bother me", but our heart must be to see an end of all of his strategies. This really is looking forward to the time when the Lord creates a new heaven and earth. It is good to be saying “Even so, come, Lord Jesus”.