Knowing That We Are Set Free


READ: John 4:1-42

SET FREE FROM INFERIORITY: The woman was amazed that Jesus, a Jewish rabbi, should speak to her, a Samaritan woman (v9). Others had made her feel inferior on account of her religious knowledge, race, culture and gender. Let's pray for an ability to respond to the inferiority-reversing ministry of Jesus. When we have prayed for ourselves, let's widen our horizons and pray for as many other categories of people as we can who are wrongly made to feel "second class".

SET FREE FROM SPIRITUAL THIRST: Jesus wanted the woman to know spiritual life to deal with her inward thirst (vs 10, 13 & 14). Let's pray for all those we individually have been praying for to see saved.

SET FREE FROM TRADITION AND "LOGIC": The woman's attitude to Jesus' ability to meet her need was coloured by the history of the well - it was Jacob's well (v12). She was also influenced by the depth of the well and the fact that Jesus had no bucket (v11)! We need to pray for those who miss out on God's blessing for reasons such as these.

SET FREE FROM GUILT: Jesus confronted the woman about her lifestyle and set her free from guilt (vs 16-18). Let's pray that all those who are bound by guilt will experience true liberty.

SET FREE FROM FALSE RELIGION: The truth that Jesus shared dealt with years of false teaching (vs 20-24). Let's pray for a real release in those who are ensnared by error.

SET FREE TO TELL: Once Jesus had ministered to the woman she was able to speak freely to those she had previously avoided (vs 28-30). Let's pray for the same kind of boldness.