Knowing That We Are Washed


READ: 2 Kings 5:1-16

THE ONLY ANSWER: Naaman discovered that there was only one answer to his problem (vs 7, 8). The King of Israel could not help him. Let's pray that those who are trying to find answers to their problems will not be disappointed by going to the wrong place.

THE SIMPLE SOLUTION: Elisha's God-given remedy for Naaman was very simple (v10). Let's praise God that He sets His answer within everybody's reach.

A PROUD ASSUMPTION: Naaman had already worked out in his head a little expected scenario (v11). He wanted the spectacular and was so offended by the mundane that he almost lost his miracle. Let's pray for those who are this easily offended.

UNHELPFUL COMPARISONS: The New Testament tells us that comparisons can be unwise (2 Corinthians 10:12). Comparing the River Jordan with his favourite rivers caused Naaman to lose his temper. Let's pray for wisdom in our own lives on this issue. We could miss God's best by looking in the wrong place. If we find this striking a chord in our own lives, maybe this would be a good moment to ask for the prayers of others.

SOME GRACIOUS PERSUASION: The servants had to persuade Naaman (v13). Let's pray that we will have the ability to persuade others to take the Lord Jesus at His word.

A GIFT REFUSED: Elisha was determined that all the glory would go to God (v16). Let's reaffirm our own determination on this point.

A NEW COMMITMENT: It is all too easy to read compromise into Naaman's "loads of earth" commitment but it marked a real turning point for Him (vs 17,18). Washing is only a beginning but it is an important first step (see also 1 Corinthians 6:11). Let's praise God for real beginnings and pray for the grace to grow.