Knowing That We Are Set Apart


READ: Zechariah 3:1-5

SET APART FOR THE LORD: Joshua, the High Priest at the time of Zechariah's vision, was "standing before the Angel of the Lord" (v1). It is also clear that he was in the presence of the Lord Himself (v2). Sometimes we focus on being set apart for a particular ministry. God is more concerned that we know that we are set apart for Him. Let's pray for a greater realisation of this truth and a practical outworking of it in our daily lives.

SET APART FROM ACCUSATION: Satan was set to accuse Joshua but the Lord moved quickly to rebuke Satan before he could speak out his criticism (v2). Let's rejoice in the Lord's ability to silence the "accuser of the brethren". Let's determine not to listen to the devil's lies about us or about others.

SET APART WITHIN A PLAN: As High Priest Joshua's ministry would have centred in Jerusalem. In rebuking Satan the Lord affirms His choice of Jerusalem (v2). Let's rejoice that the Lord has chosen the setting for our life and ministry - we are part of His larger plan.

SET APART FROM THE FIRE: The Lord does not keep us out of His refining fire but plucks us from it when the time is right (v2). Only a brand which has been in the fire can make an imprint. Let's praise God for the firmness of His grasp on our lives. He is the One who plucks us from the fire and uses us as He pleases.

SET APART FROM INIQUITY: The Lord will remove our soiled garments as we stand in His presence (vs 3, 4). Let's praise Him for the real change that He brings in our lives. As we do so let's also pray for those who are still trusting in the "rags" of their own righteousness that they may see and receive the righteousness which is ours (and can be theirs!!) through Christ Jesus.

RE-ROBED: The Lord has clean, rich robes for everyone of us (vs 4, 5). Let's allow the Lord to minister this to us. We have no need to be ashamed in His presence.

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