Being a Helper


READ: 1 Samuel 14:1-23

UNDERSTANDING RESPONSIBILITY: There was more to being an armour bearer than carrying armour (v1) - it involved fighting in the battle. If we have a heart to serve, we will not place selfish restrictions on our service. Let's pray for a readiness to adopt a responsible attitude to our serving and ask the Lord's forgiveness for those times when we have held back from playing our part to the full.

RECEIVING THE CHALLENGE: Sometimes the things that we are asked to do may, in the natural, leave us feeling rather nervous (v6). In hearing the words of others we need to listen for the Word of the Lord - "nothing restrains the Lord from saving by many or by few". Let's pray for a greater ability to hear the Word of the Lord as we seek to rise to every challenge.

DECLARING COMMITMENT: It is significant that Jonathan's armour bearer responded in word as well as deed (v7). Sometimes we underestimate the encouragement of a positive word to those who lead us. Anexpression of commitment can be a real strength. Let's pray for a greater openness to declaring our commitment.

A TIME FOR BOLDNESS: Jonathan's armour bearer was as good as his word. When he stood with Jonathan in the face of the enemy he demonstrated his commitment as well as declaring it (v11). We need to be bold in standing with each other in prayer and practice. Let's take time to share with any others some of the areas where we could do with each other's support then pray that we will be consistent, standing together in faith no matter how great the pressure.

FOLLOWING IN FAITH: We need faith to follow as well as faith to stand. Again, hearing the Word of the Lord is the key - "the Lord has delivered them into the hand of ..." (v12). Let's pray for courage to press on in our serving according to the Word of the Lord.

HANDS AND KNEES: Sometimes serving can be extremely demanding (v13a). If we are finding the going tough, let's be open and pray with others, remembering that persistence can lead to breakthrough.

WIELDING THE SWORD: Even an armour bearer may have to wield a sword (v13b). Let's pray that, armed with the Word of God, we will be quick to take on the enemy.

COVERING THE GROUND: Jonathan and his armour-bearer were persistent. Even in their first assault they covered a lot of ground (v14). Let's pray that we won't quit until we have covered all the ground - regardless of the issue we are tackling.