Ready To Reach Others


READ:  Luke 14:16-24

INVITATION: Once the meal was planned, inviting was the next step (v16). Let's think about and pray for the people we have on our hearts.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Invitations need to be followed up (v17). Let's pray for tact and boldness in this.

THREE EXCUSES: Wealth, work and relationships were the three categories of excuses (vs 18, 20).  Let's pray for those who we are reaching out to, that they won't be distracted by any of these.

INCLUDE THE NEEDY: Those who are poor, blind and disabled must not be neglected (v21). Let's pray for our church’s outreach in these specific areas.

"STILL THERE IS ROOM": This statement really shows the largeness of God's heart (v22). Let's pray that we will grasp the extent of the Lord's openness.

A FULL HOUSE: The Lord wants His house to be full (v23). Let's pray that we become as committed to seeing people saved as the Lord is.