Principles of Acceptance


READ:  2 Samuel 9:1-13

COVENANT FAITHFULNESS: Covenant faithfulness (v1 marg) brings such a level of commitment that God comes looking for us so that He can demonstrate His acceptance, in exactly the way that David did. Let's praise God for the way in which He has brought us to Himself and accepted us.

FOR JESUS' SAKE: The covenant we have with God was established in and through the Lord Jesus. It is not dependent on us. David's covenant with Jonathan demonstrates this (v1) as their agreement was not dependent on Mephibosheth. Let's praise God for this truth.

ACCEPTANCE AND PHYSICAL PROWESS:  Many people worry about physical ability and outward appearance, but covenant love shows unconditional acceptance (v3). Let's pray for any that we know who struggle with man's rejection because of disability.

ACCEPTANCE AND DELIVERANCE: There is something so powerful about acceptance that it can bring us out of our present limitations (v5). Let's be honest, if we are feeling restricted and frustrated, let's pray for a greater realisation of God's acceptance.

ACCEPTANCE AND RESTORATION: So often the devil uses feelings of rejection to deprive us of our spiritual inheritance. Let's use our time to declare out that we are taking hold of our rightful, God-given inheritance (v7).

ACCEPTANCE AND PROVISION: Acceptance can open our hearts to receive all that God has been wanting to give us. The Lord wants to bless us. He wants us to "eat bread at His table continually" (v7). Let's praise Him for this and commit ourselves to responding to His generosity.

ACCEPTANCE AND SELF-ESTEEM: Isolation and rejection can lead to low self-esteem. Mephibosheth described himself as a "dead dog" (v8). Humility is liberating but absence of self worth can be paralysing. Let's pray that we have a right understanding of "who we are in Christ". If we are giving glory to God we won't be caught out by arrogance.

ONGOING ACCEPTANCE: Mephibosheth had a son, Micah (v12). He too was included in the blessing. Let's think about any family needs we may be aware of and pray that our wider family might experience the blessing of God too.