Principles of Conformity

READ:  Genesis 26:18

A FOCUS ON THE FATHER: Genesis 26 is a remarkable chapter. In many ways, Isaac seems to be holding a re-run of Abraham’s life. He makes the same mistakes, uses the same excuses, follows similar plans and suffers similar consequences. However, we do not simply have Abraham as our father. Our focus is on the fatherhood of God and we follow Him. Let’s pray that we will have a clear focus on God as our Father and faithfully follow Him.

A COMMON CONCERN: One of the positive ways in which Isaac followed his father was to redig Abraham’s wells. This action stemmed from a common concern for the people and livestock committed to their care. Water is a type of the Holy Spirit’s washing, refreshing and renewal. Wells indicate a depth of provision that is not easily contaminated or affected by drought. Let’s pray that we will have a deepening desire for the Holy Spirit’s refreshing that involves and includes others.

RESTORATION: It is interesting to note how the world does not expect another to arise in Abraham’s place. “Abraham is dead. That’s the end of it. Let’s block up the wells.” But how wrong they all were. We have a commission on our lives to work the works of God. Let’s pray for the kind of effectiveness that takes the world by surprise – Jesus is alive!!

REPETITION: Originality is not always a good idea. If we understand what it is to be conformed to the likeness of the Father as seen in Jesus, “again” will become part of our vocabulary. Let’s be open with the Lord and then pray for the submissiveness that is more interest in the Lord’s Will being done than in our reputation being established. Let the world again and again see the grace of the Lord Jesus. Let the world again and again see the love of the Father. Let the world again and again see the fellowship of the Holy Spirit.

CONSISTENCY: Isaac even called the wells by the same names that Abraham had used. This demonstrates a remarkably high level of consistency. Let’s pray that we will be committed to demonstrating the heart of our Father.