Ministering Healing


READ: Numbers 21:4 - 9

HUMILITY: Arrogance has to go if healing is to be received (v7). It can be hard to come before the Lord in humility. As we desire to see healing in people's lives, let's begin by praying that they will have a real openness to the Lord.

PRAYER: The Lord heard Moses' prayer on behalf of the people (v7). There are plenty of examples in the New Testament too of the Lord answering those who come on behalf of others. Let's offer to pray for others as we all have people who we know who are sick and sometimes standing in faith on their behalf can be a real challenge. Let's pray for wisdom, strength, boldness and sensitivity.

LIFTING UP JESUS: Jesus made it plain in John's gospel 3:14 that the serpent in the wilderness was a picture pointing to His own death on the cross. Let's praise God for all the provision that He has made for bringing health and healing into people's lives. Let's pray that all who proclaim God's healing power do so by lifting up Jesus and not themselves or "their gift".

SPIRITUAL AWARENESS: The serpent on the pole is a commonly used sign throughout the medical world. Let's pray for all who are involved in showing compassion. Let's pray too that more and more will come to understand Who it is Who brings health and healing.