Supporting Ministries and Missionaries

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READ: Luke 10:1-11

CALLING: Those initially sent out by Jesus had a strong sense of calling (v1). This is an important starting point. A clear calling is the best antidote to discouragement. We have all been called by the Lord. Let's praise Him for so graciously appointing us and ask too for a clearer understanding of the role He wants us to play.

HERALDING: Jesus made it plain that He intended to visit all the places where the seventy (-two) went (v1). It is important that all who pioneer keep this in mind or the sense of responsibility will become too great. Let's pray for all we know who are in pioneering situations that they will indeed see the Lord coming into those situations by the power of His Holy Spirit.

OTHER LABOURERS: It is interesting that Jesus instructed all who were already going out - "pray that others might soon be ministering with you" (v2). A sense of isolation can be a problem. Jesus deliberately sent people out in twos (v1). Let's pray for more labourers and take a stand against loneliness.

PROTECTION: The Lord did not gloss over the challenges. He spoke about lambs among wolves (v3). Let's share any specific challenges that we may be aware that others are facing or we even may be facing ourselves. Let's pray for the reality of the Lord's protection in each and everyone of these situations.

FINANCIAL PROVISION: The Lord does not intend that His people should go without (see v7) but simply that they should not have to do everything at their own expense (v4). Let's pray for adequate finance to be provided for every aspect of the Lord's work.

HOSPITALITY: Being committed to providing hospitality is an important aspect of fellowship. In some pioneering situations receiving hospitality is the greater challenge (vs 5-8)! Let's pray for ourselves that we might show an increasingly generous spirit and for those who face challenges in pioneering situations that they might be aware of a sufficient supply of the Lord's grace.

EFFECTIVE MINISTRY: The Lord puts a high expectation on effective ministry both in terms of meeting need and proclaiming the Word (v9). Let's pray that there will always be such effectiveness.

ACCEPTANCE: The Lord gives very clear directions for handling rejection (v11). Let's pray that the Word will find wide acceptance and those who minister will be rightly received.