Reaching Out To Others


READ: Acts 8:26-40

THE RIGHT PLACE AT THE RIGHT TIME: By being obedient to the Lord, Philip ended up in a place of great opportunity (vs26,27a). He may not have seen it that way initially. Let's pray for a clearer insight into the opportunities that surround us every day.

A CHALLENGE OF CULTURE: The person Philip had opportunity to speak with was from a different ethnic background and culture from himself (v27a). Let's think of someone who we have opportunity to speak with who is from a different culture from ourselves and pray for a great ease and effectiveness.

A CHALLENGE OF STATUS: The Ethiopian man had a high profile government position (v27b). This could have intimidated Philip (as could the more difficult question of sexuality). Let's again pray for a greater ability to reach others who we cannot immediately identify with personally.

A CHALLENGE OF RELIGION: Surprisingly some people find this the biggest challenge of all (v27c). Some ignore on a "they must be all right" basis. Others ignore on a "the religious are the worst of all and are best avoided" basis. Let's pray that we will have the skill to reach out to those who have never got beyond a religious system to the point of discovering resurrection life.

A CHALLENGE TO ACTION: If the Lord had not instructed Philip to overtake the chariot (v29), the opportunity to change the Ethiopian official's life may never have been taken. It is good to see Philip's swift response (v30). Let's pray that we will be as quick to respond ourselves.

UNEXPECTED ASSISTANCE: It seems an amazing coincidence that the Ethiopian official was reading from Isaiah (vs28,30) but we often find that these "coincidences" occur when we are bold and step out in faith. The Bible tells us to pray that the Lord will send labourers into His vineyard (Matt 9:38). The Lord has often been bringing other positive influences into people's lives before we speak to them. We enter into the labours of others (John 4:38). Let's pray for the wisdom to know how to build on such beginnings, especially where we can use known scriptures to preach Jesus (v35).