Principles of Blessing

READ:  Luke 1:26-38

BLESSING AND REJOICING: Those who are blessed should respond quickly to the exhortation to rejoice. “Rejoice” was the angel’s first word to Mary (v28). Let’s start by rejoicing over the way God has blessed (and will bless) us.

FAVOUR AND BLESSING: Sometimes we think of blessing as something deserved. In reality it is always linked with favour. Mary was called “highly favoured” (v28). Let’s spend time praising God for His high favour demonstrated in our own lives.

BLESSING AND GOD’S PRESENCE: “The Lord is with you” (v28) is a powerful promise. Let’s spend some time refocusing on the Lord and taking our eyes off the peripheral things.

FREEDOM FROM FEAR: Only perfect love can cast out fear (1 John 4:18). The angel was quick to reassure Mary (v30). Let’s pray that we will be able to deal with people’s anxieties with the same kind of wisdom. In a sense the angel preached Jesus to Mary (vs 31-33).

OPENNESS TO THE HOLY SPIRIT: Mary had to be open to the Holy Spirit (v35). The circumstances were special but we too need to be open to the Holy Spirit and be willing for the power of the Highest to overshadow us. Let’s pray about this.

BLESSING AND FAITH: The angel speaks to Mary of the absolute ability of God. In a sense the angel is giving Mary Elizabeth’s testimony (vs 36, 37). Let’s pray that we will be able to share our own stories in a way that builds faith.

BLESSING AND SERVING: Mary declares herself to be the Lord’s servant (v38). A commitment to serve is a real key to receiving blessing. Let’s pray for such a commitment in our own lives.

BLESSING AND OBEDIENCE: Mary submitted to the word of God (v38). Let’s think of some of the specific things in God’s Word that are current for us, then pray that we will “be doers of the Word, and not hearers only” (James 1:22).