Practical Faithfulness


READ: Genesis 24:31-67

MAINTAINING PRIORITIES: Abraham's servant put his errand before his own comfort (v33). Let's pray that we are never side-tracked from the Lord's priorities for our life and,­ obviously, these include family matters.

SPEAKING WELL OF OTHERS:  Abraham's servant spoke well of God's work in the life of his master (v35). Let's renew our commitment to speaking well of others.

STRAIGHTFORWARDNESS: When it came to telling of his errand, Abraham's servant spoke plainly and held nothing back (vs 37, 38).  Let's pray for that kind of openness in our own lives.

CLAIMING PROMISES: God has given us all the promises in His word as an encouragement to us. Abraham's servant knew how to take hold of God's ordained promise (v40). Let's think about the particular scriptural promises that are most relevant to us.

ACCEPTING LIMITATIONS: Abraham made sure that his servant was released from his commitment if others obstructed his way (v41). The Bible teaches us that there is a place when we "have done all" and that we can only be held responsible for "as much as it depends upon you". Let's check that we are not being hindered in our faithfulness by hanging on to unfulfillable goals. Let's pray concerning any matters that may be relevant.

SEEING THE HAND OF GOD: Abraham's servants acknowledged God's faithfulness over and above his own (vs 45-49). Let's make sure that we are walking in the same God­ honouring humility.

NOT ALLOWING COMPROMISE: Abraham's servants would not accept the delaying tactics of Rebekah's family (vs 54-59). Let's make sure that we are not compromising our faithfulness by delayed obedience.