Heavenly Wisdom


READ: James 3:17

DESCENDING WISDOM: James speaks of wisdom that comes from above, having shown that the wisdom of this world is not really wisdom at all. We can only have the wisdom that comes from above if we have been born from above (John 3:3 lit). Let's praise God for our salvation and praise Him too that all who are now born again have access to heavenly wisdom.

PURITY: This might not have been ourfirst choice as a characteristic of heavenly wisdom but it is the first choice of the Holy Spirit. Let's pray that purity will have first place in our lives. Let's praise God for the blood of Jesus which makes us clean and keeps us clean as walk in the light (1 John 1:7).

PEACEABLE: There can be no outward peace without inward peace and no inward peace without peace with God. Those who are pure should not only be at peace but be peacemakers. It is significant that peacemakers are sowing a harvest of righteous fruit (v18). We can be peacemakers by our praying as well as by our actions and words. Let's pray for peace in the world's major trouble spots. Let's first share about the places that we each have on our hearts.

GENTLE: In a world where forcefulness is seen as a virtue, it is a challenge to demonstrate gentleness, but gentleness is an aspect of our received wisdom. Let's pray for the boldness to stand out in marked contrast to the world. Let's be willing to pray for each other if anyone of us is finding showing gentleness a particular challenge.

WILLING TO YIELD: Here is another challenge. Such willingness is only possible for those of us who are allowing the cross to deal with our pride. Obviously James is not talking about yielding to temptation or giving way on points of truth but the truth is big enough fight for itself without us being unhelpfully argumentative. And as for the occasions when we have got it wrong ... ?! Let's be praying for an abundance of this kind of graciousness to be evident in our lives.

FULL OF MERCY: If we know how to give way ourselves, we should be quick to respond positively to others who give way to us. We should also be quick to forgive ahead of or, even in the absence of, any apology. Let's settle any outstanding matters in ourselves now and pray for early opportunities to show our change of heart to others.

FULL OF GOOD FRUITS: One of the wonders of heavenly wisdom is that it is not a dormant deposit in our hearts but is capable of unlimited increase. As we demonstrate heavenly wisdom as our lifestyle the amount of such wisdom in our hearts just keeps on growing. It's the peacemakers harvest. Let's commit ourselves to ever increasing fruitfulness.