Having a Worshipping Lifestyle

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READ: 2 Samuel 23:1-5

WORSHIP AND GRATITUDE: David began by acknowledging what God had done for him in raising him up and anointing him (v1). Let's praise God for doing that for us too.

WORSHIP AND GOD'S WORD: David knew the Word of God and could see how it applied to his own life (vs 2,3a). The Word of God is always a good starting point for worship. Worship is a response. Let's think of a few scriptures that speak to us personally. Perhaps it would be good to focus on scriptures that have particularly meant a lot to us over the past few days. Let's praise God for the relevant ways in which He speaks to us.

WORSHIP AND REFRESHING: The Word of God to David centred on God's ability to bring refreshment into a leader's life so that he in turn can be a refreshment to others (v4). Let's pray that we will really experience God's refreshing to the point where we refresh others.

WORSHIP AND HUMILITY: Sometimes we are so aware of our shortcomings that we do not feel like worshipping. David was very aware of his shortcomings but he did not allow that to block out the goodness of God (v5a). If there are things that get in the way when we seek to worship God, let's be open and clear them. It is good to come before the Lord in humility with a sense of forgiveness, rather than hide away with a sense of guilt.

WORSHIP AND COVENANT GRACE: The basis of our security as believers is the covenant that we have entered into with the Father through the shed blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. David's life too was based on God's unbreakable promises (v5b). This surely is a great reason why we should open our mouths in worship anytime, anywhere.