Facing Challenges

READ: 2 Chronicles 32:9-21

A QUESTION OF TRUST: When we are under pressure the enemy seeks to challenge our faith (v10). He ridicules us by pointing out that results are not always instant. Let's pray for patience under pressure, confident that our faith will not fail.

CONVICTIONS UNDERMINED: God's ability to deliver is always bad news for the enemy and he will seek to challenge it (v11). Let's praise God for those who are prepared to speak out and persuade us of the truth.

WORSHIP UNDER FIRE: True worship always involves a rooting out of old idols (v12). It is good to declare that we will never go back to such things, no matter how great the pressure.

UNFAIR COMPARISONS: It is easy to point to other people's failure and imply that we will suffer the same fate (vs 13,14). Let's defeat this strategy of the enemy by praising God for His uniqueness and worshipping Him for the difference He makes in our lives and circumstances.

ACCUSATIONS OF DECEPTION: It can come as quite a blow when the enemy tells us that we are being deceived (v15). So far we have mainly been praising God for our own salvation but now let's pray for those who need to be assured that the Word of Life being presented to them is in fact the life-changing truth. Before we pray, let's share the names of some we know who struggle with commitment because of these kind of doubts.

A CHORUS OF COMPLAINT: It is amazing how many negative comments come to reinforce the doubts the enemy seeks to sow in our minds (v16). Let's pray for wisdom not to be swayed.

PUTTING IT IN WRITING: The enemy is not very original. God has given us His written Word so the enemy thinks he can gain an advantage by getting things down in writing too (v17). Let's declare that we will not be intimidated by any negative thing the enemy might circulate knowing that it is better to rejoice in the positive Word of the  Lord.

PUSHING THE POINT: The enemy seems to find it hard to know when to quit. He tries to get his point across to as many people as possible by any means possible. His aim is to frighten and trouble (v18). Let's pray that the mass media will promote the truth.

BREAKTHROUGH IN PRAYER: After all these challenges it is good to see that breakthrough comes in response to prayer. Hezekiah and Isaiah came together before God in agreement (v19). Let's discuss key issues where we need to see breakthrough and come before God together in agreement.