Experiencing Forgiveness

READ:  Numbers 17:1-8Exodus 37:19

IDENTIFICATION: In 1 John 1:9 we see that we are to confess our sin. Aaron had to write his name on the rod (v2). The Lord knows us all by name. This raises issues of responsibility and accountability. Let’s pray for the openness in our own lives which the Lord requires.

HUMILITY AND BOLDNESS: The Lord expects us to come into His presence. This always takes humility and boldness. Let’s pray for this boldness and humility in our lives.

PATIENCE: It takes no time at all to receive forgiveness by faith but, as we spend time in the Lord’s presence and grow to know Him better, our appreciation of forgiveness can increase. The rods were left in the tabernacle overnight (v8a). Let’s commit ourselves to spending more time in the Lord’s presence.

FRESHNESS: Aaron’s rod had buds on it in the morning (v8). Buds are a sign of freshness, the promise of new things. Given the extent of Aaron’s failure in Exodus 32:21-24, this must have been an incredible encouragement. Let’s pray for such freshness in our own lives.

WORSHIP: Open almond blossoms (v8) can symbolise worship. Almond trees come into blossom before they come into leaf. Worship is at its best when it is not seeking to put on a leafy show which obscures reality. In Jeremiah 1:11,12 the almond tree (“wake up!” tree) illustrates God’s commitment to fulfilling His Word. Let’s open up our lives to the Lord in genuine, heartfelt worship.

FRUITFULNESS: Aaron’s rod had ripe fruit on it (v8). The night before it was just a dead stick (v3)! Let’s pray for real fruitfulness in our own lives.

FAITHFULNESS: Aaron ministered in the tabernacle. Such is the faithfulness of God that every time he went into the Holy Place he saw carvings that reminded him of God’s faithfulness (Ex 37:19). Let’s pray that we will be aware of God’s faithfulness in every area of our lives.