Church Involvement


READ: Acts 2:40-47

GLADLY RECEIVING: The Christian life begins when we gladly receive the Word. The first disciples went on to show their obedience by being baptised (v41). Let's pray that we will always make obeying the Lord our first priority in church life, asking for a sensitivity to the lessons in His Word.

STEADFASTLY CONTINUING: Dependability is important if we are going to fully participate in church life. The early church was full of people who "steadfastly continued" (v42). Let's pray that we will have real staying power and not become easily put off or offended.

LEARNING: As we allow the Lord to instruct us through His Word we are in fact worshipping Him and blessing others. There is nothing selfish about receiving from the Lord. The new believers in the book of Acts gave themselves to the apostles teaching and their lives  were changed (v42). Let's pray for a willingness to be taught rather than just an openness to being entertained.

ENCOURAGING: To continue steadfastly in fellowship implies a strong commitment to encouraging others. This is something that the early church excelled in (v42). Let's pray that we will grow in our ability to encourage others.

CELEBRATING: Breaking of bread is an important part of church life (v42). It is a way of remembering all that the Lord has done for us and celebrating the fullness of His provision. Let's take some time to praise the Lord for bringing us into His kingdom and making us part of His family.

PRAYING: Everyone agrees that prayer is an important part of church life (v42). It is valuable when we pray individually and when we pray together. Let's take time before the Lord to review our commitment to prayer and speak out to Him the freshness of our resolve.

SHARING: Helping to meet people's need in a practical way is also an important part of church life. Obviously the church in Jerusalem had special challenges at the beginning (vs44,45) as so many of the members had come up to the feast and then stayed on (v5,9-11). Let's pray that the Lord will help us to meet people's practical needs.

PRAISING: Worship is important in church life (v47) and we need to pray for an increase in worship in our own lives. Let's take time to worship the Lord.