A Covenant of Peace


READ: Ezekiel 34:25-31

GOD'S INITIATIVE: The Lord leaves us in no doubt that the initiative is His. He will (no doubt about it) establish a covenant of peace with us (v25). Let's praise Him for His willingness to always make the first move.

NO WILD BEASTS: The Lord does not come with vague assurances, He actively deals with our problems. God wants us to be walking in His plan and purpose, not to be left to the unpredictable behaviour of "wild things" (v25). Let's share any specific areas where we need to claim this promise and then act on it together.

REST AND SAFETY: The ability to be at peace in any circumstances can only come from receiving the promises of God. We may not like the thought of the wilderness and the woods but we can go where others would fear to tread. Let's talk to each other about any challenging areas we feel the Lord is calling us into and pray together on the basis of this promise.

BEING A BLESSING: We may not consider ourselves to be much of a blessing to others but God is well able to turn that around. He promises to make us a blessing (v26). Let's praise God for the areas where our being a blessing is going to make a real difference.

LIVING IN BLESSING: As born again people it is as if we live in two locations at once. We have come to Mount Zion (Heb 12:22). This is the hill of the Lord (v26). God's promise is that all around His hill will be places of blessing. Let's praise God for such an excellent situation (Psalm 48: 1-3).

EXPERIENCING BLESSING: It has become fashionable in some circles to decry showers of blessing (v26) and to imply that we want nothing less than a flood. God knows what we need and when we need it. Showers in the right season are refreshing and sufficient. Let's be quick to tell the Lord that we trust the wisdom of His provision and to commit ourselves to maximising the benefit from all that He sends.

FRUITFULNESS AND INCREASE: The Lord's promises can be applied individually and corporately. Let's pray the promise of v27 over our churches.

DELIVERANCE: It is good that the Lord links our knowledge of Him to the freedom He brings in our lives (v27). Let's praise God for the full extent of the release He has brought into our lives - freedom from insecurity and fear (v28) and from guilt (v29).

A GARDEN OF RENOWN: We want God to get all of the glory when people here of His provision for us. A famed planting place (v29) is something to get excited about. Let's make  sure God knows of our enthusiasm.

GOD'S FLOCK: This is one of God's most frequently repeated promises (vs 30,31). Let's praise Him for being such a committed Shepherd.